"Island Economics" - a decentralized economic sandbox game based on DEFI+NFT creation.

"Island Economics" is a deflationary virtual world where the island's currency is "Shells", the islanders are miners, the fishing nets are the tools, and "catching shells" is equivalent to mining.

Apart from its engaging gameplay, the standout feature of the Island DAPP is its foundation in economics, simulating a perfect socio-economic system on smart contracts and providing various decentralized financial services for the modern economy.

The mining yield for islanders is not only related to the first era of fishing nets, but also to the choice of profession in the second era, which in turn affects the labor income in the third era. The subsequent modules of trade, warfare, real estate, and finance are all interconnected, allowing individual players to narrow the gap with large players through technology and strategy, and thus enhancing the overall gaming experience.


【Tether CEO:P2P 加密通信应用 Keet 3.0 正式发布】金色财经报道,Tether首席执行官Paolo Ardoino 表示,P2P 加密通信应用 Keet 3.0 已正式发布,该应用由 Tether、Bitfinex 与 Hypercore 开源协议团队合作推出。


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